About us

Euroconsult SAU An Andorran firm founded in 1990 and specialised in undertaking studies and projects with a strong component in the field of the land engineering.

The Company

An Andorran firm founded in 1990 and specialised in undertaking studies and projects with a strong component in the field of the land engineering.
It has a multidisciplined team of technicians with a wide and proven experience in different fields such as Engineering, Geotechnics, natural hazards and environment. It has a multidisciplined team of technicians with a wide and proven experience in different fields such as Engineering, Geotechnics, natural hazards and environment. Euroconsult SAU guarantees the technicians an ongoing training in different fields of action in order to become a leader enterprise in the sector.
The quality, the experience, the especialisation and the team work are the key pillars on which our work methodology is based.

Euroconsult SAU is an accredited company according to the international ISO standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 i ISO 45001.
Together with Eurogeotècnica Company, the Euroblock Methodology has been developed and recognised by the international scientific community for its studies about the falling of rocky blocks.

EUROCONSULT SAU has an integrated management system.

A company devoted to carry out geological and geotechnical projects and studies, has to become a duly ‘Notary of Quality’ because it has to provide trusty reliability on impartiality and technical information with which reports and projects are issued.

This is the true vocation of EUROCONSULT SAU, which is the most interested in providing non-debatable technical data.EUROCONSULT SAU wants not only to conduct activities according to its specifications, customers’ requirements and expectations and applicable technical regulations but also to demonstrate that, in order to issue the respective reports and run the different projects, it implements technically appropriate methodologies, with adequate means and unimpeachable sense of ethics.

The guiding principle of EUROCONSULT SAU is the continuous improvement of its technical competence in order to rely upon the confidence of our customers.

In this sense, many technological and human efforts have been made, both organizational and human and professional training and equipment in order to anticipate and eliminate errors in a remarkable way.

We have come to the conclusion that only through the completion and the continuous improvement of the Quality, Environment and Prevention and the implementation of the Integrated Management System (IMS), it is possible to reach the greatest technical competence. El IMS has been developed to note a written record ot the implemented organisation and methodology in order to materialize the Quality Policy including the provisions in order to ensure the effective environment

The IMS handbook is the primary document of the Management System. Its goals are the following:

  • Present in a concise manner the main practices and criteria set out for its performance.
  • To provide a basic document for the training, the motivation and the knowledge of the ethical and management standards.
  • To establish an objective benchmark against which everyday practices can be audited, and which form the basis of those sought improvements to be introduced.
  • To have a document that can give evidence of the methodology used to obtain and maintain the desired level of quality to the clients, Public Organisations and Accreditation Bodies.
  • Identify the staff responsible for securing compliance with the IMS policy, and that the wished Quality standards are aimed and maintained.

The Manual is completed and developed through other documents that integrate the following three regulations: Strategic Procedures, Key and Support, Procedures and Specific Technical Instructions.

Management Principles
The above aims cannot be accomplished without the collaboration of the whole staff, and hereafter continue defining the adopted management principles (shared values),which will be completed by EUROCONSULT SAU both as an entity and as for each of its members.
EUROCONSULT SAU performs its tasks in accordance with conventions of professionalism and ethics in its attitudes and actions with a modern view and concept about engineering, but without giving (in their verbal or written statements) any other information that does not correspond to the real and stict one.
EUROCONSULT SAU, as an enterprise, and all its staff, claims itself stranger to any moral, economic or psychological influence or dependence that touches upon any of the management principles mentioned here.
EUROCONSULT SAU is commited to undertaking all its actions with efficiency, flexibility, creativity in pro-active way, adapting to the changes, being open to learn and with an active contribution in order to reflect in its information and documents the data obtained from its undertaken activities. Neither personal assessments from third parties nor fictitious data nor non-documented results (regulations, internal rules, needs and requirements of the clients) will be included.
EUROCONSULT SAU is commited to support, participate and, where necessary, coordinate the activities designed to achieve the closed possible cooperation with the clients, Public Organisations, Accreditation Bodies and with other companies in the same sector in order to promote the widest competence regarding not only our company but also all the named entities.
EUROCONSULT SAU only provides information and documents of its activities to the applicants or third parties prior written permission of the applicants, except as otherwise provided by the legislation in force.
Environmental respect and compliance with preventive measures
EUROCONSULT SAU provides the necessary resources to promote envionmental respect of all the members in order to ensure the safety of all the performances carried out.



Ethical code

Our ethical code is regulated by the following principles that make Euroconsult SAU a serious firm with a commitment to the future both towards its customers and towards its employees.

Personal development
The company views its workers as a personal and collective project where the main and common task is to grow with freedom and responsibility.
Knowledge transfer
The enterprise offers its customers, employees and collaborators an experienced and highly especialised team who can anticipate to the growing needs of the market in such a way that all the people that take part in this project can take advantage of that.
The enterprise seeks innovate solutions to improve its work processes and distinguish itself from its competitors.
The enterprise places emphasis on the communication of the information related to its employees, collaborators and customers displaying it in a clear and frank way with each one of them.
The enterprise guarantees the total confidentiality of the data provided by the customer, both in the form of documentation or in the form of knowledge from our technical team.

International activity

Euroconsult SAU leads professional activities in an international level, but not in an individual way but being part of a consortium of four Andorran engineering and achitectural enterprises grounded under the name of E4G Engineering 4 Group. You can see more details below or in the following web: http://www.engineering4g.com.