Feasibility of segregated transport in Andorra NEWS

Feasibility of segregated transport in Andorra On December 1, 2021, EUROCONSULT together with SUPORT, on behalf of the DOYMO-EUROCONSULT-SINOB-SUPORT drafting team, presented to the Consell General del Govern d'Andorra a technical summary of the study submitted to the Ministeri de Presidència regarding the feasibility of using segregated public transport, as one of the solutions to be implemented to solve future mobility problems in Andorra.

If no substantial change in the current mobility of Andorra is planned, it is expected to gradually worsen in the coming years and a punctual saturation of the network, especially in the key points of the central valley. Among other measures, it is necessary to implement a transport system separate from the movement of vehicles, such as a combined tram and cable system, or similar, in order to reduce the volume of private vehicles and increase the number of users a renewed, quality and efficient public transport.