Action Plan on CG nº6 road

Action Plan on CG nº6 road The works carried out were as follows:

1. Audit current state of the basic elements in order to determine the need for action in each section based on the study of the following elements:
  • Evaluation of the state of the firm proposed reinforcements and cost estimate.
  • Study of drainage of the road.
  • Study of maintenance of the road. Inventory and assessment of the state of the walls of road maintenance, establishing a priority for correction of the anomalies detected, giving a proposed corrective measures to be taken and the estimated cost of the same.
  • Inspection and completion of a report defects and deterioration of safety barriers.
  • Assessment of the seriousness and urgency of defect detection as well as the proposed improvements and the estimated cost represents the adjustment of the entire barrier that violate regulations.
  • Inventory of road embankments, definition of corrective measures, economic approach and priority.
  • Evaluation of the risk of the slopes of rocky blocks on the landslides road. Priority different areas of action, determination of the types of interventions or guards in each place and estimate the cost of various actions.
  • Evaluation of the avalanche problem, determining the type of protection or device to use and cost estimate.

The results of the audit obtained priorities for action according to a technical approach to the needs of each section correction, indicating the possible types of treatment and estimating an approximate cost of the action.

At this point determine the stretches of action based on their priority and on the basis of need and service to the population.

2. Estimate the costs of rectification of the road in the Pla Sectorial de Carreteres Generals (PSCG) approved by the Govern d'Andorra by the decree of 18 March 2015 and published in BOPA number 23 in 2015, including the stabilization platform, embankments, protection from natural hazards, the widening etc ...

3. Study of alternative route (in relation to the PSCG) that enable improved layout and minimizing geological hazards existing along the route of the road.

4. Comparative analysis of the costs and geological risks depending on waste obtained definitive actions to improve running along the Carretera General nº6, or PSCG or the route alternatives.

5. Action Plan of CG nº6 (with priorities for action and a preliminary estimated cost level) based on the evaluation of current status, forecasting expansion and modification based on PSCG and options to improve the study of drawing, taking into account economic, geological risk reduction and social need. The Pla d'Actuacions should serve the Govern d'Andorra, in order to have sufficient criteria for the extension and improvement of the Carretera General nº6 according to the standards of Andorra, optimizing the economic and social resources, while reducing the geological risk one.

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