Feda pipe slope stabilization

Feda pipe slope stabilization The works consist of running a series of treatments aimed at stabilizing the geological-geotechnical two areas of a slope and aspect that affect national facilities.

The sections of slope and aspect that have stabilized or treated have been named as follows:

Zone 1 and Zone 2: Sector and industry Naviners Engolasters - Treatment of the rock face with direct impact on the pipe forced the tunnel located below and above the tunnel, respectively.
Zone 3: Central Old Feda - Treatment of the rocky slope and into the soil directly affect the central and the old path.

The proposed treatment takes into account the possible destabilization generated by surface weathering of the rock and / or soil and / or breaks and superficial character of a limited volume (up to 2 cubic meters - 3 cubic meters in general), planar and / or wedge, plus rollover phenomena. Not considered regional phenomena related to possible landslides or slope of dynamic phenomena and other processes that generate hazardous and which are not related to the possible collapse of isolated blocks of rock volume metric from the slopes or embankments situated immediately above or phenomena physical alteration or erosion of the surface slope or hillside.

Once executed the work must be observed by the evolution advertitr may be eligible for additional treatment maintenance phase.

The solution adopted for each site consists of the establishment, as appropriate, a series of corrective measures to stabilize: land clearing, logging, reperfilage, write-off, placing bolts, installation of barriers and dynamics placement and wire mesh protection to retain physical weathering rocky blocks (triple twist mesh and wire mesh).

The duration of totality of the work has been nearly ten months.

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