National Emergency Plan for landslides and rock slides

National Emergency Plan for landslides and rock slides Andorra has a high mountain country, and therefore is vulnerable to natural phenomena naturally. If we add the high development pressure that supports the region, the risk increases significantly (roads at the foot of rocky slopes, with urban growth towards the foot of the mountains, urban areas susceptible to natural hazards, etc.).

The characteristics of landslides emergency and other that may arise, the likelihood and magnitude of such a need to develop a plan to give a response quickly and efficiently, aimed at minimizing the damage people, infrastructure and property, and allows restoring basic services to the population in the shortest possible time.

The objectives of the National Emergency Plan are:
  • Provide information about the possibility of triggering landslides possible, as early as possible so they can begin to take more adequate preventive measures (areas of instrumented oven Forn de Canillo and Pedral d'Encamp).
  • Differentiate between small scale phenomena that require the rapid intervention of bodies according to the usual damage (Emergency situations 1 and 2) and of greater magnitude events involving the activation of the Plan (3 and 2 Emergencies).
  • Provide an organizational structure and have to deal with an emergency control unit.
  • Provide and implement procedures for action and coordination of available resources in order to increase efficiency in the resolution of the emergency.
  • To inform people of the situation and give advice and instructions on how to minimize the risk.
  • Performance and effective immediately, both by the authorities concerned how different technical expertise and, if applicable, individuals required by the administration in the event of an emergency for a quick return to normal.

It should be remembered however, that the measures that can be taken not obviate the capacity to protect the population must have these emergency situations. It is important to raise awareness of all people to successfully overcome these emergencies. In this regard it should be noted that the same country risk implies that phenomena of this type have a very high probability to be generated frequently.

To achieve these objectives specified in this document: the organizational structure and procedures, coordination procedures, systems of coordination with community organizations, government, modes of action in accordance with the criteria classification procedures for informing the public and media cataloging and resources adequate to meet emergencies caused by landslides. Further, through the zoning of land and the study of which may be conflicting points of various infrastructure problems that may arise to essential services are established in areas where the risk is higher.

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