Slope treatment of the general road network. Year 1991 until 2020

Slope treatment of the general road network. Year 1991 until 2020 The different projects consist in the execution of a series of treatments aimed at the stabilization, sanitation and maintenance of several sections of slopes of the general road network of the Principat d'Andorra.

Within the project of each annual campaign, different road sections are analyzed, which, in most cases, correspond to slopes without any type of stabilization, whereas others correspond to the reinforcement of partially stabilized slope sections.

These projects only refer to the slopes of the road section in question but in no case analyze the slope problems located above these slopes.

The proposed treatments take into account the possible destabilization caused by surface weathering of rock breaks and / or soil (especially physical) and / or breakage of a superficial nature, and of a limited volume (maximum 2 m3 to 3 m3 at most).

The solutions adopted for each section of slope consist of the establishment of a series of corrective stabilization actions: clearing, cutting, reperfilling, manual and / or mechanical sanitation, execution of bolts and / or passive anchorage and installation of meshes of protection against physical weathering to retain blocs and fragments of rocks.

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