Stabilization of a slope of the road Coll d'Ordino to Canillo

Stabilization of a slope of the road Coll d'Ordino to Canillo The slope consists soil: it is a detrital sedimentary formation consisting of sand and rock clasts that include lutites; the clasts are gravel and angular-subangular blocks of limestone, irregular shapes or with a tendency to slate, gray color and often alteration of light brown. The overall color is gray-dark brown soils usually have moist. We can see a clear direction in terms of materials 15 degrees inclinations. Its thickness is very important and more than 15 m. Genetically it's kind col.luvionar slope deposits.

The goal of treatment is to improve the stability of the whole surface and try to avoid erosion surface.

The works consists of reprofile surface slope, manual cleannings and placement of mesh to protect against physical weathering (antierosion polyester mesh and steel mesh triple torsion), running bolts, placing mesh wire and steel cord, regrowth wall masonry and concrete implementation of hydroseeding. The geogrid tridimensional reinforcement type Fortrac 3D stands directly on the surface of the slope to prevent erosion surface and below the network triple twist, to have a stable surface for hydroseeding. The bolts, wire mesh and wiring improves the overall stability of the slope. Regrowth concrete masonry wall to avoid falling into the loosened earth potential road slope. Hydroseeding intended to prevent erosion of the slope surface.

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